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Our Academics

At Springvale Christian Academy, we hold our students to a higher academic standard. We believe that as Christians, we should strive to do our best in everything we do. We use ABeka book curriculum to help us achieve academic excellence. 

Reading is the core skill we want our students to master at Springvale Christian Academy. We begin teaching students this skill through phonics in preschool through second grade. Students also read age-appropriate books at their skill level. Beginning in third grade, students will participate in class reading.


Our science curriculum teaches students the observable truths in our world from a Christian perspective. Students will study God's laws that govern His creation. They will also see how the Bible supports modern science, as well as learning to defend their faith.


Writing is an artform that is rapidly disappearing in our country. We begin teaching our students how to write in cursive in kindergarten. They will still learn to write manuscript, but the primary focus is cursive writing. 


History is an extremely important part of education. Students need to learn about the past to help them make better decisions that will affect their future. Geography is integrated into the history lessons to help students gain a better understanding of the events that took place during the time period. 


Our method of teaching arithmetic is one that builds new skills based on previously learned skills. Students will learn how to do mental computations, rapid calculations, and application of the skills they learn in real-life situations.

Physical Education and Health

At Springvale Christian Academy, our goal is to educate the whole child. This includes the child's physical education. God has given us one body, and it is important for us to know how to take care of that body so  we can be effective servants for the Lord. 

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